How technology can help with water saving in the agricultural sector

In Castilla y León, the primary sector, agriculture and livestock, account for 9.7% of the economy of this community. It is the fourth autonomous community in which agriculture accounts for a large share of the Spanish economy.

The agri-food industry transforms more than 70% of European agricultural production and is the most important industrial sector in the European Union, with production valued at 645,787 million euros, representing approximately 13% of the value of industrial production.

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How Blockchain can benefit our region

Blockchain is a term that has only recently become known. In the last few years, this concept has gone viral and has come to stay. It is already established in a number of fields.

In the banking sector, for example, Blockchain makes it possible to transfer data and capital in a completely secure manner thanks to sophisticated encryption and encoding. Its purpose is to ensure transactions of any type, such as sending money through bizum, can be made securely, directly and transparently.

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DIGIS3 took part in the Conference on Technology Patronage in Industrial Environments

On 10 May, DIGIS3 took part in an informative seminar on Technological Patronage in industrial environments in the nexus building of the Caja de Burgos Foundation.

The Digital Innvotion Hub Industry 4.0,DIHBU and Kaudal have organised this conference where they explained the technology patronage tool, as a private financing system for development and innovation projects.

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Conference on Technological Patronage in Industrial Environments

DIGIS3 will participate in the next Conference on Technological Patronage in industrial environments, on 10 May from 17:00 to 18:00.  This conference has been organised by DIHBU and KAUDAL.  Technological patronage is a means of financing based on the secure assignment of tax credits linked to expenditure on R&D and technological innovation projects by companies and knowledge centres. 

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DIGIS3 attended the Webinar on LEAN and Industrial Cybersecurity project grants

On 11 April, DIGIS3 participated in the webinar on grants for LEAN and Cybersecurity projects in Castilla y León.  The objective of this webinar was to promote the participation of the Castilla y León industry in the regional grants offered for Lean Manufacturing and Industrial Cybersecurity projects.

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