• Blockchain, Robotics and Laboratory Platforms
  • 9 provincial offices, 4 in mining environments and Béjar and a central headquarters. Spaces set up for training activities, forums, matchmaking, etc.
  • 3 Technology Parks in León, Valladolid and Burgos for the development of high-tech activities.
  • Intensive computing cluster, Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Optical Network and Mass Storage.
  • Agricultural machinery with digital technologies, open field experimentation units, Blockchain applications, Big Data, AI, sensor networks, laboratories.
  • Remote Automation Laboratory, Experimentation, research and transfer infrastructures with industrial characteristics, Critical Infrastructure cybersecurity research laboratory, Industry 4.0 demonstrators, Schneider Electric Technology Classroom.
  • Multipurpose laboratories (IoT, cybersecurity, R&D), Blockchain platforms and smart cities, VMware vCenter, as server management software for the management of a VMware vSphere server environment consisting of two clusters (development cluster consisting of 15 machines and production cluster).