The general objective of DIGIS3 is to ensure the intelligent, cohesive and sustainable digital transformation of SMEs and public administration entities in the urban and rural region, focused on cohesion, through comprehensive support to users. Access to specialized technical knowledge and experimental environments will be facilitated through a one-stop service, providing knowledge and training on Artificial Intelligence, cyber security and supercomputing. The support will be provided through appropriate digitalization itineraries, according to the level of digital maturity of the users, and also taking into account the specific needs of the sector and the geographical environment.

The pillars on which to define the project's activities:


    To contribute to the regional global sustainability in terms of environment, economy and society.

  • 2. TALENT

    Empowering the talent and skills needed to foster the digital transformation.


    To spread the information, i.e. to ensure that the DIGIS3 service reaches all corners of the region.


    To continue cooperating with other DIH at the national and European level in order to strengthen and complement our capacities.