The Junta of Castilla y León presents the technological efforts of DIGIS3 partner SCAYLE to the scientific community

The Regional Government of Castilla y León has presented to the scientific and technological community from the region, the advantages and applications that SCAYLE offers to promote their work and research in a technical conference which also highlighted the Science and Technology Network of Castilla y León (RedCAYLE). 

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The Castilla y León regional government invests 5.1 million for a tenfold increase in SCAYLE's computing capacity, a member of DIGIS3

The objective is to increase the power of the Caléndula supercomputer at the Supercomputing Center of Castilla y León (SCAYLE) to meet the growing demand from researchers and companies.

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DIGIS3 partner company Föra Forest Technologies SSL celebrates its 10th anniversary

Föra Forest Technologies SSL is a company dedicated to the forestry sector, which is associated with DIGIS3 and is also a partner of DIH-LEAF. Föra Forest celebrated its tenth anniversary on 18 October with an event that addressed numerous topics, including the importance of obtaining reliable data and the challenges of artificial intelligence applied to the sector.

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