DIGIS3 to present a success story at the meeting of national EDIHs through its partner DIHBU

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The different DIGIS3 partners will take part in the 2nd Meeting of national European Digital Innovation Centres (EDIHs) on 25 January, which is convened annually to coordinate the work within the framework of the European network under the support of the PADIH programme. Thus,  AIR InstituteICESCAYLEDIHBUDIH-LEAFIoT DIH and the University of León will be present at the Zamudio Technology Park (Bilbao) together with the representatives of the Ministry of Industry and the School of Industrial Organisation to keep abreast of the advances in the services offered by the different entities.

DIGIS3 working meeting held in Valladolid

During the meeting, DIHBU, as a member of DIGIS3, will present one of its success stories in the provision of services to public entities. The services and collaboration scheme maintained between the Digital Innovation Hub of Burgos and the Integrated Vocational Training Centre Simón de Colonia of Burgos will be evident in the innovation project "Intelligent and Sustainable Maintenance 4.0", which aims to collaborate with other agents of the EDIH network and strengthen digital skills in innovation projects linked to robotics. Specifically, DIHBU has helped the centre to disseminate the results of one of its projects in the local industrial ecosystem, showcasing prototypes and acquired skills.

The conference, which will run from the morning until after five in the afternoon, will feature technological services such as an augmented reality system for robotic spine surgery (BDIH) or projects for the analysis and improvement of the performance of elite athletes (InnDIH). In addition, two parallel training sessions are planned: Considerations on M18 reporting and a round table with the aim of sharing experiences in terms of funding, project implementation and European networking. Finally, a visit to the facilities of the Centre for Advanced Aeronautics Manufacturing (CFAA), a member of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH), is planned.

The full agenda for the conference can be found on the DIHBU website, available at this link.

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