DIGIS3 attends the 2nd Meeting of National EDIHs at the Euskadi Technology Park

On 25 January, DIGIS3 members attended the 2nd Meeting of national European Digital Innovation Centres (EDIHs), held at the Euskadi Technology Park in Zamudio. This is an annual meeting convened to coordinate the work and services offered by the EDIHs, where AIR InstituteICESCAYLEDIHBUDIH-LEAF and the University of León were present along with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI).

The conference was presented by Susana Larrea, from the SPRI Group, and Sandra Pérez, from ACCIÓ, who welcomed the representatives of EDIHs from all over Spain. Subsequently, María Jesús García Martín, Deputy Director General for the Digitalisation of Industry and Collaborative Environments of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, presented the Government programmes within the 12th and 13th elements of the PRTR, with emphasis on the PERTE Chip for Microelectronics and Semiconductors. During the course of the session, the experiences and services of the different EDIHs were presented and the School of Industrial Organisation reported on the current status of the Support Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH), a fundamental tool for the proper progress of the work.

This was followed by a general update on the services offered, as well as statistics, budgets and guarantees. As the presented results show, DIGIS3 is the second EDIH with the highest number of applications and one of the most approved files as a service provider under the PADIH programme. Special importance was also given to the evolving landscape of the Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA), which is consolidating the network of EDIHs from the European Commission.

During the presentation of successful collaboration cases, DIHBU, a member of DIGIS3, presented its success in the presentation of services to public entities through collaboration with the CIFP Simón de Colonia in Burgos, which has helped to disseminate the results of one of its projects in the local industry ecosystem. Subsequently, two training sessions were held in parallel, and the event ended with a visit to the outstanding facilities of the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre (CFAA).

Belén Lanuza durante la presentación del caso de éxito de DIHBU

The presence of DIGIS3 at the meeting has strengthened its collaboration with other EDIHs and member entities, which will allow for synergies and better services to be made available to interested entities.

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