How conflicts affect cyber security

Russia is receiving a large number of cyber-attacks. As reported by the state news agency TASS and picked up by Reuters, Putin's government-held websites are experiencing a wave of cyber-attacks that the country had never seen before. If previously their (cyber-attack) power at peak times reached 500 gigabytes, now it is at 1 terabyte, said the country's Ministry of Digital Affairs. That is two to three times more than the most serious incidents of this type that had ever been reported before.

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How the Cloud can support the main sector in the region

Cloud services have been growing inexorably since the arrival of the Internet in our lives. Given today’s competitive market, only the businesses that are willing to adapt to this technological change will be able to remain at the top of their game. The future of cloud farming is becoming more certain as the versatility and functionality of cloud solutions increase. Moreover, the pandemic caused by COVID 19 has accelerated the implementation of this and other disruptive technologies.

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2nd EU-US webinar on digital competences and SME strategy development

DIGIS3 will participate in the 2nd webinar organised by the European Union and the United States on digital skills and strategy development for SMEs. The webinar will take place on 8 March, from 15:00 to 18:00, and will focus on the importance of digital tools that will help EU and US SMEs innovate, grow and do business.

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Artificial Intelligence in rural areas

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the combination of algorithms designed to create machines that have the same capabilities as human beings. It is a technology that still seems distant and mysterious to us.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is part of our everyday lives, although in some areas it is not as developed or implemented as it should be, such as in rural areas. A little less than 3 years ago, Artificial Intelligence was only visible in science fiction and now it is part of our lives.

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DIGIS3 will be at CYL-HUB Launch event

On the 4th of February, DIGIS3 will participate in the CYL-HUB Launch event in Valladolid. DIGIS3 will be part of the meeting because of its commitment to the promotion of digital transformation in Castilla y León.

This event aims to interconnect the nine ecosystems of Castile y Leon’s provinces and to promote them within the European/international network. DIGIS3 will be there to offer its services to all the entities that strive towards a smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation.

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