Within DIGIS3 framework, DIHBU and 7Experts organise the conference "Commitment to Innovation in 2024: The Keys to Success"

The event, for which you can sign up for free here, is especially aimed at companies that invest in innovation in Castilla y León. The event is supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

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AIR Institute, member of DIGIS3, brings entrepreneurship opportunities closer to USAL students through Salamanca Tech

Ricardo Jara (Immunostep), Antonio Muro (University of Salamanca), Luis García Ortiz (IBSAL) and Miguel Ángel Ávila (Neurofix) discuss the success of combining biotechnology and entrepreneurship at the conference "Cultivating innovative ecosystems with spinoffs".

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New Salamanca Tech conference to bring the innovative biotech ecosystem closer to Pharmacy students with the DIGIS3 seal of approval

AIR Institute is organising the event at the University of Salamanca on Wednesday 21 February from 11:00 am with different experts from institutions and companies. Registration is free through this link.

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The DIGIS3 marketplace, the digital platform with detailed information on the services and the DIHs that can provide them

The European Digital Innovation Centre aims to ensure a smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and Public Administration entities in Castilla y León, with a territorial approach in both rural and urban areas.

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