DIH-LEAF, as DIGIS3 representative, impresses with innovative technological solutions at the Agricultural Machinery Fair in Lerma

The DIH-LEAF team participated in the 62nd National Agricultural Machinery Fair in Lerma (Burgos) on 1 and 2 May. The event was a great opportunity to showcase and promote the innovative capabilities and services offered by DIGIS3 to the agricultural and technology industry.

Over the two days, more than 80 interested parties approached our stand to learn more about the services and opportunities offered by DIGIS3 and some of its affiliated entities such as the ITAGRA Technology Centre and the University of Burgos, among others. For DIH-LEAF representatives "it was rewarding to be able to engage with visitors and understand their specific needs, as well as to explore how our solutions can benefit them and improve their operations".

In addition to the interactions at the stand, the team was able to be part of the open talk organised by researchers from the University of Burgos on "Success stories in precision agriculture".

This event reflects the growing interest and urgent need for digitalisation in rural areas. The European Digital Innovation Hub DIGIS3 is committed to driving this change, working in collaboration with its partners and customers to bring cutting-edge technology to the agricultural sector and contribute to the sustainable development of the countryside.


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