Successful "IT Infrastructure and OT Cybersecurity" workshop organised by DIHBU, member of DIGIS3!

On 7 May, the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU), a member of DIGIS3, held a conference entitled "IT Infrastructure and OT Cybersecurity - Two aspects to take into account in the process of industrial digitisation". 

This event, held in the Sala del Reloj of the Science and Technology Station in Burgos, was an excellent opportunity for professionals from the industrial sector to learn first-hand about the latest innovations and strategies in IT infrastructure and OT cybersecurity.

Source: Metrix

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to attend a hands-on demonstration of the CIBERSEC technology from cybersecurity startup METRIX, specialised in OT cybersecurity. Luis Aguilar, CEO of Metrix, illustrated how this technology can be effectively implemented to protect industrial operating environments, addressing the specific challenges posed by digitalisation in this area.

In addition, Xabier Cabia, Data Center & IT Sales Specialist at RITTAL, presented a live demonstration of an Edge Data Center, equipped with climate control, power distribution, monitoring and access control, highlighting the importance of climate-controlled racks in Industry 4.0 environments. Attendees were able to learn how these systems not only optimise performance, but also ensure energy efficiency and data protection in industrial centres.

The event also featured a valuable presentation by Kronospan's Systems department, who discussed the importance of energy efficiency and protection in data centres. They presented their own data centre as a case study, implemented with RITTAL solutions by the integrator Adetel Communications.

Source: Rittal

The event was not only a platform for learning and technology demonstration, but also facilitated networking among the participants. After the presentations, attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and establish professional connections, further enriching this event.

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