New Salamanca Tech conference to bring the innovative biotech ecosystem closer to Pharmacy students with the DIGIS3 seal of approval

The objective of the next Salamanca Tech conference "Biotechnology and entrepreneurship: Cultivating innovative ecosystems with spin-offs", organised under the seal of DIGIS3 by partner AIR Institute, is to bring students closer to innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The event will take place at 11:00 am on 21 February at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Salamanca. With the collaboration of the Salamanca City Council, the University offers students the opportunity to hear the testimonies of some of the entrepreneurial initiatives in the sector, as well as to approach the world of research from different perspectives. Anyone interested in attending the event can register free of charge through this link.

The conference will take place in the form of a roundtable with the participation of Ricardo Jara, CEO and one of the founders of Immunostep; Antonio Muro, Professor of Parasitology; and Luis García Ortiz, Director of IBSAL. The meeting will be moderated by Miguel Ángel Ávila, CEO of Neurofix.

Immunostep is a technology-based spin-off from the University of Salamanca dedicated to the design of clinical and research products for the monitoring and treatment of diseases. Based at the University, it played a leading role in the COVID-19 pandemic with its antibody detection tests. It is an example of the creation of prosperity and employment in Salamanca, as more than 80% of its staff come from the academic institution.


Antonio Muro, professor of Parasitology, former Director of the Centre for Tropical Diseases and former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Salamanca, is well versed in methods of diagnosis of infectious diseases, but also in the generation of latest-generation RNA vaccines against a wide range of parasites.

Luis García Ortiz, Director of IBSAL (Institute of Biomedical Research of Salamanca), will also be at the table, and will be able to contribute his knowledge of the many different projects on which biomedical researchers in Salamanca are working.

Miguel Ángel Ávila is CEO of Neurofix, a biotech company based at the University of Salamanca Science Park, which has achieved a major milestone by reaching an agreement to develop NFX88, the pioneering drug it has been developing since 2015 to treat neuropathic pain in patients with spinal cord injury. This agreement is one of the most important in the history of this sector in Castilla y León.

Through dialogue, the four specialists will show the students their vision of the sector and the possibilities in this growing ecosystem in Salamanca where digitalisation plays a leading role.

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