Client Profile: 

The client is one of the highest producers of rabbit meat in Europe and has more than 40 rabbit farms with 4 silos each. The silos are hermetically closed, so hitting the container from outside is, until now, the only resource that exists to estimate if it is necessary to fill it.

Client Needs: 

This application permits any industry to calculate the capacity of a closed recipient. That includes not only the silo, but also many other possibilities in the primary sector. It could be used to measure the volume of a milk tank. In other areas, the uses can be very diverse, such as detecting the presence of people in any work space. 

Provided Solutiony: 

A device is placed inside the silo and, through a laser, it detects if there is feed and how high it is. Several engines allow you to rotate in all directions necessary to perform a full sweep. This way he takes the measurements and sends them to a web system, where they are processed. Each type of feed has a different density, so depending on the volume the system can calculate very accurately how many kilos are left. The device is installed in each silo independently, since it could be powered by batteries, with solar panels or directly connected to the power grid to avoid maintenance problems. The signal it sends is wireless, it can be transmitted via Wi-Fi or by 4G, and it can be programmed as often as desired, every second or once a day if the managers of the farm decide that it is not necessary anymore.

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