AIR Institute, member of DIGIS3, is part of the European Gaia-X initiative

AIR Institute, member of DIGIS3, is part of Gaia-X, a European initiative that aims to create an open and secure data infrastructure, complying with the highest standards of digital sovereignty while promoting innovation.

Gaia-X is a Spanish hub that has been created to boost and support the competitiveness of the data economy and to be a forum for debate and proposals among the agents of the national data sharing ecosystem.

The hub is made up of important companies and institutions such as Indesia, Ametic, Red Cross, IBM, NTT Data, GMV, Orange, Airbus, Telefónica, among others. Those of us who are part of this initiative have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Gaia-X, among them:

  • The opportunity for interoperability between stakeholders, users and suppliers in Europe in a trusted way.
  • Possibility to partner with approved suppliers/users in a transparent digital ecosystem.
  • Gaia-X ensures compliance with European laws and regulations.
  • Enables European data sovereignty and the possibility of new innovations based on European values.

This is undoubtedly great news for our partner and project coordinator, AIR Institute.

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