NeuroCPS4Maintenance (2021-2022)

Client Profile: 

ITCL Technology Centre


NeuroCPS4Maintenance (2021-2022)
Client Needs: 

Funding for the project idea, seeking a technical collaboration agreement among partners, validation of proof-of-concept, prototyping, technical support for testing and dissemination activities.

Provided Solutiony: 

The main objective of NeuroCPS4Maintenance is to develop and validate a new type of sensor, based on neuromorphic technology, capable of detecting anomalies, and warning of failures in advance, and providing a fast and safe response in real-time, for predictive maintenance applications in highly demanding industrial settings. This anomaly detector is to be based on deep learning algorithms (LSTM) and implemented in the system on chips (SoC).

NeuroCPS4Maintance is being developed with the financial support of DIH4CPS, since March 1 2021, through a consortium formed by the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0, with DIH as coordinator of the experiment, ITCL Technology Centre, member of DIHBU, and Intigia, a startup specialized in the implementation of artificial intelligence in embedded systems. The collaboration agreement between ITCL and Intigia has been possible thanks to the prior joint management of DIH I4MSOUTH and DIHBU. Both DIHs worked as a team to detect the opportunity and to get in contact. Intigia collaborates with other potential partners, specifically with ITCL.

The validation of the prototype is to be carried out in a large industrial company from Burgos, a partner of DIHBU, which will be a pioneer in testing this hardware in an industrial environment. The final objective is to generate a new intelligent hardware product, of entirely Spanish origin, which can be marketed.

The innovation capacity of this neuromorphic anomaly detector prototype will enable further technical solutions in predictive maintenance, in high demanding industrial environments, since it will open up the possibility of future applications of the system to other types of machines or robotic units, especially in advanced manufacturing processes, giving rise to applications with high market potential.

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