Intralogistics 4.0. (2020)

Client Profile: 

Leader:  ADISSESO: Large industrial company, located in Burgos, member of DIHBU
Technological developer: SOFTECA, member of  DIHBU
Technological integrator: KEYLAND, member of DIHBU
echnological developer: ITCL Technological Center, member of DIHBU

Intralogistics 4.0. (2020)
Client Needs: 

Initial Problem:
The starting problem was the difficulty of managing and integrating internal logistics processes in industrial plants, through digital tools. Internal logistics processes, especially in certain productive or transformer sectors, such as the chemical industry, need greater control and monitoring for proper decision-making, and for risk prevention, either automatically or under semi-automatic tools, which currently they are not possible under common management systems in industrial environments. 

Technological challenges:

  • Design of the algorithms for the intelligent system.
  • Platform architecture design
  • Interfaces development
  • Software and Hardware integration
  • Integration of the BigData platform with SAP.
Provided Solutiony: 

Solution: Development of an intralogistics management system that uses a platform based on Artificial Intelligence, development of software for planning, and integration of hardware devices and IoT sensors.

For the development of the solution, a project was proposed in two phases:

A first phase of diagnosis and definition of specifications for both the platform and the hardware, as well as the integration needs in the corporate management system.
A second phase of execution, which included the ad hoc development of the intralogistics platform, the generation of the models and algorithms and the programming for the integration of the hardware elements, as well as the validation tests.

The DIHBU’s work has been to analyze the starting industrial problem through a working group, to offer the industrial company the available technologies and joint solution proposals, integrating each of the participants in the project.

DIHBU has coordinated the project, integrating the different economic and technical proposals of the different developers (members of the DIH), as a common offer.

Process improvement: inputs and outputs, identification of carriers, authorizations and records, activity planning. Safety improvement, risk reduction and automation of the chemical plant control system.
Improved agility for decision-making, mainly logistics planning, with a significant reduction in time and paper reduction.

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