Project 3DFEPP_DT. 2022-2023. Digital twin in extrusion process. Change2Twin

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Project 3DFEPP_DT. 2022-2023. Digital twin in extrusion process. Change2Twin
Client Needs: 

An SME of the Ecotisa Group needed guidance and technical collaboration for its digital transformation process. Specifically, the SME was committed to a project to digitise its production plant, incorporating tools that would enable monitoring of the extrusion process, among other needs.

It also needed technical support from the Hub in order to have a diagnosis of the situation and to locate suitable funding for the different phases of its Industry 4.0 roadmap.

Provided Solutiony: 

El DIHBU examinó las necesidades de la pyme: conectividad en máquinas, comunicación de datos, análisis de la información, integración en su sistema de gestión de la producción, generación de gemelo digital e integración en cuadro de mandos para monitorización de sus procesos, y se incorporó a la pyme a un programa de diagnóstico gratuito de industria 4.0., diagnóstico que fue realizado por ITCL Centro Tecnológico, miembro del Hub.

The DIHBU examined the SME's needs: connectivity in machines, data communication, information analysis, integration in its production management system, generation of digital twin and integration in dashboards for monitoring its processes, and the SME was incorporated into a free Industry 4.0 diagnosis programme, which was carried out by ITCL Centro Tecnológico, a member of the Hub.

Subsequently, the SME was guided to request support from the DIHNAMIC programme to obtain a first proof of concept of applicable connectivity solutions, which was provided by DIHBU.

In parallel, the DIHBU looked for possible sources of funding for industrial pilots for the design and implementation of the different technological solutions required by the SME, locating several cascading funding opportunities derived from European programmes.

With the support of the hub, the SME applied, among others, for a grant from the Change2Twin voucher call, in order to have a viable proposal for a potential digital twin applied to its process, by the DIHBU.

The proposal has been approved by Change2Twin, allowing the SME to have a voucher covering the services provided by the DIHBU to obtain the technical proposal for the incorporation of a digital twin.

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