The University of León, a member of DIGIS3, is holding its 2nd Entrepreneurship Conference

This week the University of León (ULE), a member of the DIGIS3 consortium, held the second Entrepreneurship Conference, organised by the Vice-Rectorate for Students and Employment in collaboration with Banco Santander, which is committed to Entrepreneurship.

The opening session of the event was attended by the Rector of the University of León, Juan Francisco García Marín, accompanied by the Vice-Rector for Students and Employment, Ana Isabel García, and the Dean of the Faculty of Education, María Lourdes Gutiérrez.

The main objective of this activity, which was held until 24 November, was to train students in entrepreneurship in order to offer them a professional option when they finish their studies.

The success of this initiative in its first edition, with almost 100 registered participants, led the organisers to prepare a second conference which, on this occasion, had almost 70 participants. 

Likewise, during the sessions, cases of successful entrepreneurship were presented, with the assistance of entrepreneurs who were former students at the University.

In addition, a presentation was given of the different stages of the entrepreneurial process, from the search for ideas, through defining the business model and sources of funding, to the start-up of the business, where DIGIS3 can help by offering services such as support in the search for funding.

DIGIS3 provides technical advisory services to provide access to funding opportunities for new R&D&I projects in the digital area, ranging from the analysis of funding opportunities at European, national or regional level, to support in the search for private investors.

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