The University of León is collaborating with San Emiliano Town Council on a digitisation project supported by DIGIS3

The University of León, a member of DIGIS3, has established a strategic partnership with the Town Council of the municipality of San Emiliano in León with the aim of implementing a smart, sustainable and cohesive digitisation project for SMEs and public administration bodies in Castilla y León. The joint interest in innovation and technological progress has motivated the initiative, in which the Cartography Service of the ULE will transfer the spatial information of the municipality to digital format and will collaborate in training for the use of digital platforms.

The Director of this service, Ignacio Prieto Sarro, and the Mayor of San Emiliano, David Marcello Román, presented the lines of collaboration and the bases for the development of the project at the facilities of the Cartography Service of the University of León. The main goal of the project is to provide a model for the digitisation of spatial information used by small municipalities in their management and planning tasks. This model, designed specifically for municipalities with limited economic and technological capacity, incorporates a wide range of information, including municipal planning, the zoning of protected natural areas, the limits of Public Utility Mountains, the limits of merino ports and local entities below the municipal level, among other relevant data.

Ignacio Prieto and David Marcello at the Cartography Service facilities in the Services Building of the University of León. Source: ULE

The European Digital Innovation Hub DIGIS3 assumes the entire cost of the project, thereby sparing small municipalities such as San Emiliano from having to assume economic burdens. With this initiative, the Town Council of San Emiliano and the University of León reaffirm their commitment to innovation and sustainable development, taking advantage of the support and experience of the European DIGIS3 project to promote digital transformation in the region.

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