SUPPRESS Research Group of ULE, member of DIGIS3, gives a course on Industrial Cybersecurity

The Digital Innovation Hub DIGIS3, to which the University of León (ULE) is affiliated, is delivering a training course on Industrial Cybersecurity this week. The course is to conclude next Friday. This initiative is attended by employees from leading companies and institutions, including Latem Aluminium, CIUDEN, the Hospital de León and Nut Consulting.

The main objective of the course in industrial cybersecurity is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to assess risks in industrial systems from the perspective of cybersecurity. In addition, it focuses on the analysis of the main vulnerabilities and the delivery of tools to effectively address potential threats. Special emphasis is being placed on the secure configuration of industrial devices used in industrial automation, control, and monitoring systems, as well as communication networks and industrial firewalls.

This course is characterized by its eminently practical approach and is held in the IoT Classroom of the University of León in collaboration with Schneider Electric of the SUPPRESS Research Group, at the School of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Aerospace.

In addition, another course entitled 'Automation and Digitalization in Industry' is scheduled for 20 - 24 November 2023. All details about the course are available on this website.

Notably, both courses are funded by the European Commission's Network of European Digital Innovation Centers, which underlines their relevance in the field of digitization and industrial cybersecurity in Europe.

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