SCAYLE holds the myQLM course in the framework of the DIGIS3 project


The myQLM course was held today. It was organised by the technical office of the Supercomputing Centre of Castilla y León (SCAYLE), in the framework of the DIGIS3 project. The seminar aimed to introduce participants to the world of quantum computing through simple examples, from both a theoretical and a practical viewpoint.


The course took place at the CRAI-ICT Building, Vegazana Campus, of the University of León. Approximately 15 participants from different sectors took part in the course, which gave a historical overview of quantum computing as well as explained key concepts. The more practical part was structured around the development of "hello, world" in programming environments.


Participants have benefited from a 100% discount on the value of the course, thanks to co-financing from the European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the EOI Foundation of the Government of Spain, in the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism financed by the European Union's Next Generation funds.


Supercomputing Castilla y León (SCAYLE) is a public entity created by the Junta de Castilla y León and the University of León, which aims to improve the research tasks of the university, research centres and companies in Castilla y León.







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