The Regional Government of Castilla y León invests more than 17 million euros in the Supercomputing Center (SCAYLE), member of DIGIS3

The President of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, visited the current facilities of the Castilla y León Supercomputing Center Foundation (SCAYLE), located on the Vegazana Campus of the University of León. The regional government has invested more than 17 million euros in these facilities during the current term of office.

The President of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco; the Minister of Mobility and Digital Transformation, María González Corral, and the CEO of SCAYLE, Vicente Matellán

As part of its commitment to the DIGIS3 member organization and to strengthening its potential, the Government of Castilla y León is making progress in the construction of a new headquarters, also in León, in which an investment of more than 3.6 million euros is planned. The plot where the building will be located, which will house the new Data Processing Center (DPC) and the Caléndula supercomputer, among other elements, has more than 3,200 square meters and is located next to the Integrated Center for Industrial Technological Vocational Training in the capital city of León. The project includes different rooms to provide all the required spaces such as training rooms, meeting rooms, offices, workstations, and multipurpose areas.

This project is part of other investments that exceed 14 million euros and will enable the enhancement of an infrastructure that is considered to be of the highest technological relevance at national and European level. 6.2 million euros, financed with European REACT-EU funds, to increase the calculation capacity tenfold and thus respond to the growing demand from researchers and companies; the supply, installation and commissioning of optical equipment for the Castilla y León Science and Technology Network (RedCAYLE) for more than 4.4 million euros, and the commissioning of technological infrastructure equipment worth more than 4 million euros to update the areas of data storage, networks and cybersecurity.

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