updates the terms and conditions of the Digital Kit programme

The update of the Rules of Procedure of the Digital Kit programme will be applicable to upcoming calls for proposals. It includes new considerations of the eligibility of solutions and types of beneficiaries (such as civil societies), redefinition of deadlines and more types of electronic signature for processing.

Functional improvements.

Vouchers may finance the replacement of an existing solution, provided that it involves a functional improvement: a new solution that meets the minimum requirements, and where the solution being replaced does not meet the requirements of the category.

Solutions that involve the development, increase or enrichment of the services and functionalities of the existing solution, updating of software versions and upgrades or improvement of versions will not be considered functional improvements.

Extension of beneficiary entities.

Potential beneficiaries include commercially oriented civil companies, professional civil companies and jointly owned agricultural holdings that carry out an economic activity.

New concept eligible for aid: Supplied Hardware

Hardware will be eligible for aid as part of a digitisation solution: Devices that are included in the pay-per-use modality, when their supply is essential for the provision of the contracted solution, and they cannot be used for other purposes.

Broader choice of signature methods.

The signature methods have been broadened, where PIN Cl@ve and permanent Cl@ve are valid electronic signature methods for signing the Agreements and for submitting justification. The formalisation of digitisation agreements by administrative managers has also been envisaged.

Redefinition of execution, justification and payment deadlines.

The digitising agent has a maximum period of three months in which to implement the solution and issue the invoice, with the prior agreement of the beneficiary. This period begins from the time of the validation of the Agreement.

The deadline to justify the solution implemented by the Digitalising Agent is also extended to six months from the validation, provided that the beneficiary is up to date with the payment.

A maximum period of three months is also included, after the validation of the justification, for the Digitising Agent to receive the corresponding payment of the aid.

New categories of digitisation solutions: advanced internet presence and Marketplace.

From now on, companies will be able to contract advanced internet presence and marketplace solutions. It will be necessary to include the registration of the domain for twelve months, provided that they do not already have one. In addition, the multilingual function is included. Some electronic invoicing and process management requirements have also changed.

For more information, please check the updated Rules of Procedure at this link.