A number of organisations receive training in business digitisation from SCAYLE, a member of DIGIS3

On 19 December, the Supercomputing Centre of Castilla y León (SCAYLE), a member of DIGIS3, held an informative seminar on "Business digitisation through high-performance computing" at its headquarters in the University of León.

The attending representatives of the different SMEs and companies from Castilla y León were taught the notions of a smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation, thereby facilitating their access to specialised technical knowledge and to the implementation of pilot projects.

During the seminar, Israel Alonso Marne, Head of the Acelera SME Office for the Digital Kit of the León Chamber of Commerce, presented the objectives of the Kit and how to access its bonuses for SMEs. Cristina Esteban Blanco, SCAYLE technician, reported on the services offered by DIGIS3 and on ways of taking advantage of them, while Ruth Alonso Martínez, Administrative and Training Manager at SCAYLE, commented on the forms of collaboration between the Supercomputing Centre of Castilla y León and the EuroCC Project.

The event was hosted free of charge thanks to co-funding from the European Union, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Spanish Government's EOI Foundation, in the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism financed by Next Generation funds.

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