How DIGIS3 can help with the cybersecurity of IoT devices

DIGIS3 provides services to ensure the smart, sustainable, and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and public administration entities in the region in the areas of cybersecurity and IoT, among others, facilitating their access to specialised technical knowledge and experimentation environments, in a one-stop service.

Internet of the Things (IoT)

The Internet of the Things (IoT) is a network of technologies that allow to connect and exchange data with other devices through the Internet. In the business environment, IoT serves to establish connections between staff, products and processes, thus enhancing the digital transformation through the so-called industrial IoT platforms that connect data, analyse them, monitor them and act accordingly. IoT has already entered all industries, enabling them to improve their efficiency internally and with customers.

State of the IoT market

The IoT utilities market is influenced by a variety of factors that drive its growth and development. Companies need to be aware of those factors in order to spot growth opportunities and not lose their position on the market. Some of these factors are economic factors that create demand for IoT products and services, political factors such as trade regulations, and technological factors that enable the technology to evolve.


However, digitisation also entails risks, and measures need to be taken to ensure that data security and privacy adequate. On average, attacks on our IoT devices have increased by 41% in the first two months of 2023 compared to 2022, globally. With an average of almost 60 attacks per organisation per week targeting IoT devices.

To address this, there are some measures that can be taken such as acquiring devices from recognised brands, teaching workers about cybersecurity, using complex passwords and multi-factor authentication, ensuring that devices are updated to their latest version, keeping applications and antivirus software up to date, enforcing zero network access profiles for connected assets and keeping an inventory of devices.

DIGIS3 has a wide range of services e infrastructure available to businesses and public administration to offer services, such as training, testing and experimentation and advice on digitisation. DIGIS3 facilitates access to technical expertise and experimentation environments, in order to ensure the smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and public entities in the region.

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