Experts from the University of León provide business training on data analytics and cybersecurity with DIGIS3's support

The SECOMUCI Research Group of the University of León (ULE) recently delivered a business training activity in collaboration with DIGIS3. This initiative was designed to enhance skills in data analysis, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and was intended for the staff at Tresca Ingeniería, a leading company in its sector.

José Alberto Benítez during the training session held for Tresca Ingeniería. Source: ULE

The course, held at the facilities of the polytechnic building of the School of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Aerospace of the ULE, was taught by leading professionals in their respective field, including Natalia Prieto Fernández, Martín Bayón Gutiérrez, José Aveleira Mata, Sergio Rubio Martín and José Alberto Benítez Andrades. Their participation and teachings were essential to provide attendees with up-to-date knowledge and practical tools.

This activity is part of the initiatives of the DIGIS3 project, and SECOMUCI is among the 14 research groups of the ULE that are part of the consortium, the only European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) of Castilla y León, formed by six entities in the region(ULE, AIR Institute, DIHBU, DIH-LEAF, SCAYLE and ICECYL), with the aim of promoting the intelligent, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and public administrations in the community.

SECOMUCI, formed by researchers specialized in computer science, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, demonstrates its commitment to knowledge transfer and the practical application of research in business environments. This close collaboration between academia and the business sector not only benefits the participating companies, but also reinforces ULE's position as a center of innovation and knowledge in technology.

Natalia Prieto during the training session held for Tresca Ingeniería. Source: ULE

The course offered a broad spectrum of practical applications that are essential for a variety of sectors, such as healthcare, where data analytics and cybersecurity can be crucial for the efficient management of medical records and the protection of sensitive patient information; the manufacturing industry, since the skills acquired enable supply chain optimization and improve the security of industrial control systems; and the financial sector, because the tools presented during the course are essential for risk analysis and digital fraud prevention.

The versatility of the knowledge acquired demonstrates the inestimable value of the DIGIS3 project for the business fabric of Castilla y León and beyond. With initiatives like this, the University of León (ULE) and DIGIS3 demonstrate their ability to adapt and apply technological advances in different sectors, thus contributing to the modernization and competitiveness of companies in the region.

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