Exhibition of technological solutions for Industry 4.0

Within DIGIS3, our partner DIHBU4.0 is organising the exhibition of a total of 39 technology demonstrators from the 47 applications that were submitted. The event will take place on 16 November 2021 in Burgos, on the third floor of the Fórum Evolución. All national companies will participate in this demonstration, constituting a great attraction for the city of Burgos, which combines a great industrial and technological potential. In the final selection, the maximum percentage of participation of DIHBU members has been respected, which is around 30% of the total, as 20% of members will participate.

The exhibitors will present solutions based on IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR and Cyber-Physical and Industrial Management Systems. In this way, they are inviting all companies interested in innovation to participate and test all the technologies. In fact, by the end of the seminar there will be a meeting of start-ups, which are new technology companies, so that they can find out about the latest developments in their field and establish contact with them.

This is a unique opportunity for Burgos to be at the epicentre of industrial digitalisation processes and to provide a platform for companies that are pioneering technological innovation.

Those who wish to attend this meeting can do so either in person or online. Engineering students or those doing vocational training that is related to the subject of the seminar, can also participate.

The Evaluation Committee has granted a free space so that companies can show the operation of their systems to the public. As mentioned above, 39 exhibitors have been selected from all over Spain. Below, is a complete list of participatins companies.


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