DIHBU, member of DIGIS3, to hold the 2023 Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting in October

The Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting will be held for the third time on 24 and 25 October at the Palacio de Congresos Fórum Evolución Burgos. Co-organized by the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU), a member of DIGIS3, and the Promueve Burgos municipal society, the event will showcase a range of national and international technology demonstrators, each at their own stand, where they will present innovative solutions across different fields, including agri-food, automotive, transport and logistics.

A series of distinct activities will be held simultaneously: the Industry 4.0 Technology Demonstrators Expo, the Industrial Track 4.0 Technical Seminars 2023 and the new 2023 B2B Industry 4.0 Matchmaking Activity. The themes of the meeting are related to trends and best practices in industrial digitization and real use cases. Among the 43 participating demonstrators are ITCL, the University of Burgos, Isabel I University, Aotech, CARTIF Foundation and Deloitte, and they will address solutions such as immersive telecontrol of the industrial robotic arm, inclusive virtual reality, immersive experience through mixed reality in Industry 4.0 and analysis of quality or defects in agricultural products.

Matchmaking is aimed at generating a catalog of supply and demand for technology and knowledge in Industry 4.0, the activity is facilitated by DIGIS3 and features bilateral meetings for participants. These short meetings can be held at the venue in person, or virtually through conferences. DIHBU, with the support of DIGIS3, will be in charge of approving the profiles and meeting requests, as well as preparing an agenda.

This is an excellent opportunity to give visibility to innovative Industry 4.0 solutions which have already been developed and tested, and thus offer added value to the participating entities in terms of the exploitation of those solutions. Moreover, the event creates networking opportunities and the possibility to give public presentations and press interviews. As usual, a public catalog of demonstrators will be created and used for promotion and dissemination before and after the event through audiovisual media and social networks.

How can I register for the meeting?

Attendance to the event is free. On Tuesday 24th, the event will be aimed exclusively at professionals, while on Wednesday 25th it will also be open to the general public; anyone wishing to attend can purchase their tickets by following this link. In addition, the event can be streamed live via the link provided on the DIHBU website.

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