DIHBU and KEYLAND organise the Collaborate Tour Burgos session as part of DIGIS3 planned activities

This was the first session organised in Burgos as part of the technological dissemination and demonstration activities planned within the framework of the European Digital Innovation Centre DIGIS3, in which DIHBU participates as a partner, and KEYLAND SDG as an affiliated entity.

The event consisted of a technological demonstration of industrial collaborative robotics, with more than 35 industrial companies, as well as technical training centres (all of them from Burgos) present at the La Estación de Ciencia y Tecnología venue, which had capacity attendance. 

The welcome was given by the representatives of KEYLAND SDG, DIHBU and RobotPlus. This was followed by an agenda involving a series of technical sessions, delivered by the representatives of the participating entities. Among the many session topics there were presentations on industrial collaborative robotics and industrial artificial vision. Throughout the morning, attendees had the opportunity to test advanced industrial cobots and learn about their functionalities and suitability for potential implementations. The robotic equipment used in the demonstrations was provided by several of the companies collaborating in the event.

The rest of the event evidenced the organization work that had been done prior to the event, as the conducted interviews, which featured key personalities, attracted much media attention.

At the event, DIHBU also presented other relevant initiatives in which it participates, such as the EAGLE European project, aimed at designing short courses in advanced collaborative robotics technologies for the industrial digitisation of SMEs. This project is led by the UBU, and also involves DIHBU and FAE Burgos.

DIHBU, as a member of the DIGIS3 consortium (accredited as EDIH through European funding), is also part of European networks specialised in robotics such as DIH², which offers support resources to SMEs interested in this type of project and whose advantages and benefits can be enjoyed by all potential users of the EDIH services based in Castile and Leon.

Technological dissemination/demonstration, as well as ecosystem and network promotion activities carried out under DIGIS3, are co-funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Industry.


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