DIGIS3 will be at CYL-HUB Launch event

On the 4th of February, DIGIS3 will participate in the CYL-HUB Launch event in Valladolid. DIGIS3 will be part of the meeting because of its commitment to the promotion of digital transformation in Castilla y León.

This event aims to interconnect the nine ecosystems of Castile y Leon’s provinces and to promote them within the European/international network. DIGIS3 will be there to offer its services to all the entities that strive towards a smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation.

This meeting will take place from 10:00 to 14:30 and will feature around 25 speakers discussing innovation technologies in the region. These presentations, as the event, can be enjoyed in person and online.

The agenda will be as follows:

10:00 CYL-HUB Presentation by Emilio Corchado

10:15 Inspirational Talk by Unicornio with Rene de Jong and Vincent Rosso

10:35 Round Table #1: Public - Private Innovation 

  • Esther Molina
  • Erika Escolar Eguia,
  • Alberto Moratiel
  • Guillermo Jimenez
  • Manuel Navarro
  • Esteban Mayoral
  • Pilar Carrato
  • José Zudaire
  • Sergio García García

11:30 Coffee Break

11:50 Grupo AntolinHiperbaric’s Presentation of CyL Corporations

12:35 Round Table #2: With national speakers from corporations and investments

  • Carlos Blanco
  • Luis Ruano
  • Javier González Baez
  • Gudén García
  • Fernando Moroy Hueto
  • Jorge Gómara
  • Jesús González Nieto-Márquez
  • Andrés Dulanto

13:15 Round Table #3: Startups and innovative SMEs in Castilla y León with:

  • Gracia Sánchez del Real
  • Eduardo Delgado
  • Adriana Casillas
  • Mario Carrero
  • Vincent Rosso

14:10 Closing

14:20 Networking Cocktail


If you are interested in participating in the event, you can register here.

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