DIGIS3 promotes new digital transformation actions

The i-Lab space of the Faculty of Economics at the University of León hosted an internal coordination meeting of the DIGIS3 project in order to promote the implementation of activities and services on the part of the research groups and to facilitate coordination. From then on, individual meetings will be held with each group to assist them in undertaking their activities and meeting the project's objectives.

The meeting, coordinated by the Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and Society, Mª Dolores Alonso-Cortés, was attended by Ana Lanero (Director of the ULE Communication and Brand Image Department), Nuria González (Director of the ULE Business Relations Department), Ariadna Cases Bergón (Director of the European Research Projects Office (OPEI), Sara Fernández and Tatiana García, technical staff of the OPEI, and researchers Manuel Domínguez (SUPPRESS group), Joaquín Barreiro (TAFI) and Eduardo García (QGEO). Although they did so in person, researchers from other research groups involved in DIGIS3 also connected to the meeting online, such as Flor Álvarez (DRACONES), Jorge Juan Blanes (GISIGE), José Ramón Rodríguez (GEOINCA), Enoc Sanz (GEOINCA), Victoriano Marcelo (MECAS), Enrique Alegre (GVIS), Ignacio Prieto (GEOPAT), Camino Fernández (ROBÓTICA), Xosé Somoza (INVESTER) and Héctor Aláiz (SECOMUCI).

It is important to highlight that DIGIS3 is financed by European Funds and is formed, in addition to the University of León (ULE), by three Digital Innovation Hubs which are fully operational in Castilla y León: IoT-DIH (AIR Institute), Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU), and Digital Innovation Hub on Livestock, Environment, Agriculture & Forest (DIH-LEAF), as well as the SCAYLE Supercomputing Centre and the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE). On the part of ULE, 65 researchers from 14 research groups are participating in this initiative.

The fundamental pillars on which DIGIS3's activity is based are sustainability in environmental, economic and social matters, talent to foster the transition towards digitalisation, communication as the backbone to ensure that the offer of DIGIS3 reaches all corners of the community, and cooperation with other national and European HUBs whose synergies strengthen the capacities and skills for the objective of digital innovation.

DIGIS3 is the only European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in Castilla y León and is made up of six Castilla y León entities: ULE, IoT-DIH (Air Institute), DIHBU, DIH-LEAF, SCAYLE and the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE), with the aim of promoting the smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and public administrations in the region over the next three years.

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