DIGIS3 partner company Föra Forest Technologies SSL celebrates its 10th anniversary

Föra Forest Technologies SSL is a company dedicated to the forestry sector, which is associated with DIGIS3 and is also a partner of DIH-LEAF. Föra Forest celebrated its tenth anniversary on 18 October with an event that addressed numerous topics, including the importance of obtaining reliable data and the challenges of artificial intelligence applied to the sector.

Currently, they have a team of 14 professionals that make it possible to cover more areas of operation and constantly incorporate new services such as Förecast, an application for forest management; Arböria, for the management of urban trees; and Föco, which determines lines of action to prevent fires. In addition, the company offers training courses, amongst other services.

The event was held as a celebratory milestone and featured distinguished speakers who addressed the aforementioned topics, in addition the use of technology was spoken about in a social context. At the same time, the company took the opportunity to display a small change to its logo, which features a new slogan: "Forests. Data. Future", thus representing "the vision that has accompanied Föra during these ten years".

Íñigo Lizarralde, CEO of Föra Forest, wanted to thank the present and past team for their involvement over the past decade. "Suppliers, customers, partners, universities, collaborators, and sorry if I have left anyone out, but thank you very much to each and every one of you who in some way have contributed to this journey", he added.

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