DIGIS3 participates in SCoDIHNet's High Performance Collaboration for Innovation Workshop

Last week, our partner, DIHBU, representing DIGIS3 at the High Performance Collaboration for Innovation Workshop, organised by the SCoDIHNet network.

This high-performance collaboration for innovation workshop was held to raise awareness of the use of the #Collabwith platform, created as part of the SCoDIHNet initiative and where its members can collaborate to drive innovation in the digital era to contribute to the Digitisation of European Industry.

The SCoDIHNet initiative is contributing to the Digitisation of European Industry by helping companies improve their processes, products and services through the use of connectivity technologies.

It is also supported by AIOTI and 6G IA and supports Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) providing services in 5G/6G, IoT, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. 5G/6G, IoT in conjunction with AI and cybersecurity, are key for the digitalisation of European industry while achieving end-to-end flexibility, adaptability and security.

The main objective of this network is for member DIHs to support entities in different industry verticals, in the development of digital services that require smart connectivity technologies.

As of March 2022, SCoDIHNet has 94 members from 24 European countries, including DIGIS3.

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