DIGIS3 participates in EDIH Network Annual Summit in Brussels

This week the “EDIH Network Annual Summit” was held in Brussels. An annual event that brings together representatives of all European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH), policy makers and public administrators to discuss innovation, technology and digitisation opportunities in Europe.

Juan Manuel Corchado, president of AIR Institute (coordinating entity), attended the event representing the EDIH of Castilla y León, the DIGIS3 consortium, together with Beatriz Asensio, from the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE). On 31 May and 1 June, the participants enjoyed a series of insightful presentations, panel discussions, workshops and, above all, ample opportunities to establish contacts and forge collaborations with other European innovation centres.

The EDIH Network Annual Summit highlighted opportunities for national and regional authorities to support EDIHs. Also, the challenges that they have faced in integrating the objectives of the EDIH Network with the particularities of each State and Region in terms of funding and configuration of their national networks.

The EDIH Network is currently composed of 151 EDIHs co-funded by the European Commission's Digital Europe Programme and 77 EDIHs with a Seal of Excellence. Its main mission is to develop the digital capabilities of SMEs and public sector organisations across the European Union.

The EDIH Network Annual Summit was a fruitful meeting which made it possible to create synergies between DIGIS3 and the more than 100 European Digital Innovation Centres. 

The DIGIS3 consortium, as the backbone of digitalisation in Castila y León 

The overall objective of DIGIS3 is to ensure the smart and sustainable digital transformation, mainly of SMEs and the public sector in Castilla y León, with an urban and rural territorial scope focused on cohesion. It will thus benefit the business fabric of the nine provinces of Castilla y León in terms of technological support and ease of access to information, services and facilities.

DIGIS3 is formed by the collaboration of six regional entities: AIR Institute, the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE), the University of León, the Castilla y León Supercomputing Centre Foundation (SCAYLE), DIH-LEAF and DIHBU. With the collaboration of each of the partners, the aim is to provide comprehensive support to users, facilitating their access to specialised technical knowledge and experimentation environments.

For more details and to request DIGIS support services, please visit: https://digis3.eu/en or send an email to info@digis3.eu.


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