Advances in drone development

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, drones are a good example of this. In these unmanned aerial vehicles, you can find different latest generation technologies such as infrared cameras, GPS, laser, ... These vehicles need ground control to be directed.

Drones are currently used for to perform countless tasks in numerous sectors. Drones are widely used in the agricultural sector, which is a key economic driver in Castilla y León. According to a study, the arable land in Castilla y León exceeds 5.7 million hectares, which is more than half the surface area of Spain.

Some of the benefits of drones with different technologies is the precision with which they can detect problems. One example is the rapidity and effectiveness with which the large number of threats that plague the countryside may be identified. This includes the detection of  the appearance of weeds in crops and allows them to be prevented with a high degree of effectiveness. In this specific case, the drone provides a diagnosis in which it identifies the best place to spray and can thus achieve three benefits: better crop and soil quality, and better use of the herbicide. 

However, not only agriculture is important in the region, but also livestock farming. With the help of drones, farmers can find out where their cattle are, as well as the current state of their herds. 

The above examples are just one example of the many benefits that these technologies bring to different sectors. These digital tools, among others, will help the advancement and sustainability of the rural environment.

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