43 innovative solutions featured at DIHBU’s III Burgos Industry 4.0 Technological Meeting

The Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting, co-organized by the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU) and the Burgos Town Council through the Promueve Burgos Society with the support of DIGIS3, opened the doors of its third event. In its expo area, 43 technology demonstrators from different parts of Spain showcased innovative solutions to companies, in particular to those in the industrial sector.

The presented solutions were linked to technologies such as virtual reality, holograms, digital twins, artificial intelligence, drones, private 5G industrial networks, autonomous driving vehicles and robotics. The event was inaugurated on Tuesday, 24 October at the Palacio de Congresos Fórum Evolución in Burgos and lasted until Wednesday. The official opening was attended by various authorities, including the Councilor for Mobility and Digital Transformation of the Junta de Castilla y León, Ms. María González Corral; the Director General of Industry of the Junta de Castilla y León, Mr. Jesús Jiménez Miguel; the territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in Burgos, Mr. Roberto Saiz Alonso; the subdelegate of the Burgos Regional Government, Mr. Pedro L. de la Fuente Fernández; the Provincial Deputy for Administrative Modernization and New Technologies, Mr. Arturo Pascual Medina; the Mayoress of Burgos, Ms. Cristina Ayala; the President of the Municipal Promueve Burgos Society, Mr. César Barriada, and the President of DIHBU, Mr. Mario Pampliega. All of them highlighted the importance of this event and its significance for the development of the industrial network, and for the quality of the cutting-edge solutions.

This meeting was mainly geared towards professional audiences and was conceived with the aim of showcasing innovative solutions for companies engaged in Industry 4.0 through real-time demonstrations and presentation of use cases across a range of sectors.

Technical sessions address the challenge of intelligent industrial digitalization and of the human factor

Following the initial part of the event, which as inaugurated by the authorities, the first technical sessions were held by experts from companies and knowledge centers, based in both Burgos and other parts of Spain. One of the features of the meeting was the exhibition of technological demonstrators for Industry 4.0, and five special information points were set up to enhance the experience for visitors.

The program was completed with the Industry Track 4.0 Technical Seminars, at which use cases were presented throughout Tuesday morning. Moreover, high-impact projects highlighted flagship presentations such as the new technological center of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (National Mint) in Burgos. A new feature in this edition was the B2B matchmaking, where, with the support of the European Digital Innovation Hub DIGIS3, bilateral meetings were organized throughout the event to promote business opportunities. Finally, the roundtable that ended the afternoon session on Tuesday, analyzed the key factors for industrial resilience, addressing the challenge of attracting talent and the difficulties in the digitization process.

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