#IT40Burgos - Industrial Track 4.0 Burgos (first edition) and matchmaking event (2020)

Client Profile: 

Client: Burgos City Council

#IT40Burgos - Industrial Track 4.0 Burgos (first edition) and matchmaking event (2020)
Client Needs: 

Burgos City Council needed digitisation support services for itself and to assist local SMEs in industrial digitisation processes / adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions, and for the organisation of free technology dissemination events.

More specifically, the city council wanted to hold a technical event focused on Industrial digitisation (Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, as key technologies), with the aim of to promote the industrial capability of the local ecosystem, and the potential of Industry 4.0 solutions development from Burgos.

This required an experienced local stakeholder who could provide the advisory services, specific training activities and technological events organization, with the limitations of the COVID19 pandemic.

Provided Solutiony: 

DIHBU was the entity chosen by Burgos City Council to the digitisation support services, and technical event organization services requested, through a collaboration agreement, with economic content (year 2020).

DIHBU provided the required services, through a technical support and advice services, and also organised the event commissioned by the municipality, under the title “Industrial Track 4.0 Burgos”.

The first edition of Industrial Track 4.0 Burgos (Dec 26, 2021) attracted the interest of more than 200 remote participants, in an innovative hybrid format from the Evolution Forum Space. In parallel, an online matchmaking activity took place, where largue companies, SMEs and knowledge centers could show their capacities, their technological solutions, or their project ideas, and receive virtual expressions of interest. In adition, a competition was held to select the best project ideas.The initiative has been considered as good practice in the field of collaboration activities models between local public actors and DIHs.

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