GUTTI 4.0 2022-23. Plan de Industria 4.0

Client Profile: 

SMEs in the manufacturing industry sector

GUTTI 4.0 2022-23. Plan de Industria 4.0
Client Needs: 

An SME manufacturing metal elements, located in the province of Segovia, needed guidance and technical collaboration for its digital transformation process, and specifically an initial diagnosis and design of the most appropriate Industry 4.0 roadmap.

Specifically, the SME was committed to a digitisation project for its production plant, incorporating a reliable management system, and improvements in the digitisation of the warehouse, among other needs, such as options for improving connectivity in its factory and cybersecurity level.

It also needed technical support from the Hub to locate appropriate funding for the project, in its different phases.

Provided Solutiony: 

DIHBU examined the SME's needs and provided it with access to an Industry 4.0 diagnosis. Several technological members of the hub were invited to participate in the definition of the best technical solutions for this SME, mainly CSA, Keyland, DGH Tech, and ITCL Centro Tecnológico.

In parallel, the DIHBU looked for possible sources of funding for the project, identifying the regional line managed by ICE for the incorporation of ICTs as the most appropriate, within the range of regional grants.

The hub helped the SME to prepare the proposal and the technical report in 2021, and to integrate different technology solution providers in the dossier, achieving a positive response from the programme in 2022 and obtaining direct non-repayable aid for its project.

Thanks to this funding, the SME has launched the project, called GUTTI 4.0, Industry 4.0 Plan, which will run until 2023, where it also has the DIHBU in a small part of the project, through technical cooperation tasks.

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