Client Profile: 

The companies involved in this success case belongs to the electricity market. AMAYUELAS, S.L. was set up in July 1996 with the purpose of channeling the professional experiences of a group of people in the electricity sector, and applying them in the field of the design of high and medium voltage installations. Electricidad Galindo activities are related to the electrical, telephone and telecommunication installations in general. the production of electrical energy and any other complementary activities.

Client Needs: 

Both companies mentioned are interested in improving the security of their.

Provided Solutiony: 

This project is about the development of an intelligent PPE (Individual Protection Equipment) aimed at improving the safety conditions of the operators of power grid transformation centers. It seeks to integrate all electronic elements (some of them wearables) in a functional way in an application that collects and transmits in real time the data referring to the worker's condition and the working environment conditions to favor safety. All the elements are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wifi for communication of the worker with the web server. In addition, it is intended to design a social machine, where the Cloud platform will transfer the data and manage the information to give warnings and recommendations in real time.

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