AGRAR.IA (2021)

Client Profile: 

ITCL Technology Centre, Burgos, member of DIHBU. 
AGERPIX : Startup, based in Soria, user of DIHBU-DIGIS3 services from 2021. Profile: Developer of solutions for automation and robotics in agri-food.  
LB BAGGING:  SME from Burgos, user of DIHBU-DIGIS3 services from 2021.  Profile: manufacturer of special connected machinery for the packaging of agri-food products.

AGRAR.IA (2021)
Client Needs: 

ITCL technology Centre, member of DIHBU, needed to locate potential partners to join the AGRAR.IA project proposal  ("Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Value Chain of Agricultural Production") to complete a viable consortium.  ITCL requested the support of the DIHBU to locate SMEs according to the profile sought, under confidentiality.   
ITCL also needed to obtain aditional  Letter of Interest  of the project, and technical collaboration for the future dissemination activity or the results, in order to be able to submit the proposal at the national  call for R&D projects "MISIONES IA".

Provided Solutiony: 

Services provided:

  • Search and location of potential partners for AGRARIA project in the DIHBU ecosystem, to complete a viable proposal, according to the requested company profile (SME), and under confidentiality. 5 negotiations with companies according to profiles sought by ITCL, within the hub ecosystem: Successful negotiation with 2 of the SMEs contacted. 
  • Letter of support from the DIHBU  and commitment to technical collaboration
  • Requests made for letters of support to DIHBU stakeholders, with the provision of a letter of interest from one of them.
  • Initial guidance to SMEs on the opportunity, technical support

Companies finally included on the collaboration agreement for the consortium from DIHBU:

  • LB Bagging
  • Agerpix (through their partner CODESIAN Software)

1. Collaboration agreement between ITCL and the SMEs provided from DIHBU for cooperative work within the proposed project, as project partners. 
2. AGRARIA consortium agreement signature for IA MISIONS call 
3. Direct financial support obtained for AGRAR.IA Proposal (ID Project  MIA.2021.M01.004 )
4. Project successfully initiated. DIHBU will participate  in the execution of the AGRAR.IA dissemination tasks.

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