ULE researchers launch the first EDIH DIGIS3 actions

Following the working session held at the Faculty of Economics, the Vice-Rectors for Research and Institutional Relations are preparing an event aimed at companies and organisations in the province of León, to inform them of the consortium's support for digital transformation.

A few days ago, the Vice-Rectors for Institutional Relations and Society, Research and Transfer, and the Business Relations Department held a meeting at the Faculty of Economics with researchers and heads of the European Research Projects Office to launch the first EDIH DIGIS3 actions, a consortium made up of six entities from Castilla y León, which will work over the next three years to promote the Intelligent and Sustainable Digital Transformation of SMEs and public administrations in the region.   

In addition to the Vice-Rectors Carlos Polanco and María Dolores Alonso-Cortés, and Nuria G. Rabanal, the working session was attended by Liliana Herrera, director of the Transfer Area, Ariadna Cases, director of the European Projects Office, and researchers Manuel Domínguez (Systems Engineering and Automatics Area), Eduardo García (External Geodynamics Area), Camino Fernández (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence), Joaquín Barreiro and Susana Martínez (Manufacturing Process Engineering) and Flor Álvarez Taboada (Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry), who attended online from the Ponferrada Campus. 

It is important to remember that the DIGIS3 consortium has significant funding from European Funds and is integrated, in addition to the niversity of León (ULE), by three Digital Innovation Hubs fully operational in Castilla y León: IoT Digital Innovation Hub (IoT-DIH), Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU), and the Digital Innovation Hub on Livestock, Environment, Agriculture & Forest (DIH-LEAF), as well as the Supercomputing Centre SCAYLE and the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE). On ULE’s part, 65 researchers from 14 research groups are participating in this initiative.

The fundamental pillars on which the actions of DIGIS3 will be based are sustainability in environmental, economic and social dimensions, talent to favour the transition towards digitalisation, communication as the backbone to ensure that the offer of DIGIS3 reaches all corners of the community, and cooperation with other national and European HUBs whose synergies enhance the capacities and skills for the objective of digital innovation. 

To this end, as a first step, the research groups are developing their actions through a series of scheduled lines of work focused on aspects such as technological training, the design of prototypes, a digital plan for small and medium-sized enterprises, training courses, mentoring for digital transformation and technology watch. A portfolio of appropriate digitisation services and itineraries, according to the level of digital maturity of the users, and also taking into account the specific needs of the geographical environment.

DIGIS3 is a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) project supported by the Junta de Castilla y León. One of its objectives is the digital and green transition of the regional economy, which is highly industrial, and where 99% of SMEs predominate over large enterprises. The consortium focuses on cohesion, through comprehensive support to users, facilitating their access to specialised know-how and experimentation environments. It acts as a digital one-stop shop whose core knowledge and training is structured around Trusted Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing and Advanced Digital Skills (IoT, 5G, additive manufacturing...).

Following the meeting held a few days ago, the Vice-Rectorates and the European Research Projects Office are preparing a local event aimed at companies and other entities in the province of León to provide information about the support and actions of the DIGIS3 consortium for the promotion of digital transformation in Castilla y León. 

For more information on DIGIS3 click on the link: https://www.digis3.eu