DIGIS3 will receive more than 1 million euros as a European DIH for the incorporation and promotion of new companies.

The DIGIS3 rconsortium will receive funding of €1,065,361.45 to incorporate new companies and strengthen its visibility. The Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree, published this week in the BOE, which regulates the direct award of grants to 12 Digital Innovation Hubs within the Support Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH) financed by Next Generation funds under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. The total amount of support amounts to 15 million euros.

The aim of the programme is to create a network of European digital innovation centres in Spain to provide SMEs with the advanced digitisation tools needed to meet the challenges arising from the digital transition. These programmes will contribute to the digitalisation of our SMEs, improving their competitiveness and contributing to job creation, especially among young people and women.

About the Digital Innovation Centres

The Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) are conceived as "one-stop shops" through which to offer the information, services and experimentation facilities that companies need to successfully tackle their digital transformation processes.

The Support Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH), promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, is endowed with 37.59 million euros and is proposed within the framework of the Digital Europe Programme, which provides for the creation of an initial network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) during its first year.

The grant will be used to finance actions aimed at:

  • Facilitate collaboration, information exchange and the provision of specialised and personalised business support services.
  • Increase the participation of new companies or organisations in the EDIH and strengthen their visibility.
  • The management of the EDIH facilities, the organisation of training programmes, workshops and conferences to foster knowledge exchange and networking, as well as transnational cooperation.

List of beneficiaries and maximum funding

About DIGIS3

The general objective of DIGIS3 is to ensure the smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and Public Administration entities in the region; with an urban and rural territorial scope focused on cohesion, through the integral accompaniment of users, facilitating their access to specialised technical knowledge and experimentation environments, in a one-stop shop service whose central core of knowledge and training is structured around Artificial Intelligence and supercomputing, bearing in mind cybersecurity as a necessary layer in any digitisation process.