The deadline for submitting nominations for the XVI Castilla y León Económica Awards is now open.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the 16th Castilla y León Económica Awards, organised by the magazine to distinguish the best companies in our autonomous community, is 7 September.

DIHBU, a member of the DIGIS3 consortium, offers its help to companies interested in submitting their candidacy for the 16th Castilla y León Económica Awards.

These awards, co-sponsored by CaixaBank and Gabinete de Recolocación Industrial (GRI), in collaboration with Benteler Automotive, Gullón, Iberaval, Interob-Jenoptik, Mutualidad de la Abogacía and Supermercados Gadis, consist of 9 categories:

  • Award of Honour to the entrepreneur whose career is exemplary for other Castilla y León entrepreneurs.
  • Best Social Action, to distinguish contributions to this area, such as cultural patronage, sports sponsorship or the creation of a foundation.
  • Best Strategy in Foreign Markets for the company that has recently implemented a plan for geographical growth in foreign markets.
  • Best Business Operation for the company that has recently carried out an operation to increase its size (merger, acquisition or capital increase) or has made an investment that means the start-up or consolidation of a business, generating employment and social repercussions in the area.
  • Most Innovative Product for the company that has recently launched a product that provides added value and has been successfully accepted by the market.
  • Best Communications Strategy for the company with an effective external communications policy to maintain a fluid relationship with the press or any medium that transmits its values through an effective advertising campaign.
  • Best Human Resources Management for management based on the involvement and motivation of the employees regarding the company's objectives, the defence of equal opportunities, the guarantee of professional development, the implementation of social actions that benefit workers and the effective application of occupational risk prevention.
  • Best Environmental Sustainability Strategy for the company that applies a strategy based on reducing environmental impact through mechanisms such as the circular economy and/or renewable energies.
  • Best Young Company to distinguish the project developed by entrepreneurs under 40 years of age.

The Castilla y León Económica Awards have become the most prestigious awards in the business world due to the number of submitted nominations; the composition of its jury, made up of prominent businessmen, experts and representatives of business associations and the regional administration; as well as the high competency of its winners.


More information and rules

Companies can submit their candidatures by e-mail: (

To learn about the rules associated with submitting a candidature, or for other information, please click on this link.