Proyecto concedido por la Unión Europea European Digital Innovation Hub


DIGIS3 is an EDIH promoted by the Regional Government of Castile and León as part of its objective for a digital and green transition of the regional economy, which is highly industrial, and where 99% of SMEs predominates over large enterprises.

The objective of DIGIS3 is to ensure the smart, sustainable, and cohesive digital and green transformation of SMEs and public sector organisations (PSOs) in Castile and León.

 DIGIS3 is focused on cohesion, through comprehensive support to users, facilitating their access to specialised technical knowledge and experimentation environments. It will act as a digital one-stop shop service whose central core of knowledge and training is structured around Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, and Advanced Digital Skills (IoT, 5G, additive manufacturing…).

This accompaniment will be carried out through appropriate digitalisation itineraries, in accordance with the users' level of digital maturity, and considering the specific needs of the sector and the geographical environment for the capillarisation of the EDIH services.

DIGIS3 is a strategic alliance that combines 6 major complimentary players in the region: ICE, as the PSO in charge of public investments, funding, and internationalisation of regional SMEs, with presence in all the provinces; IoTDIH, DIHBU and DIHLEAF, 3 fully operational DIHs, together with 13 affiliated entities; SCAYLE, as the regional centre for HPC; and ULe, as a reference competence centre in advanced digital skills.

In this sense, relevant industry organisations, all the public Universities, and most of the technological centres of the Region are part of DIGIS3. DIGIS3 will boost the digital and green transformation of more than 1400 regional SMEs and PSOs in the next 3 years that will receive high added-value services, together with the collaboration of an extensive network of more than 50 EDIHs and organisations that are already supporting the proposal.

Funding Body

Programme: Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)

Funded under

Work programme part: DIGITAL EUROPE European Digital Innovation Hubs Work programme 2021-2023
Call: European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01)

Total cost

3.447.326 euros


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